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The CineFiles project has received support from the following donors over the years. BAM/PFA could not continue developing this database without such support, and it is highly appreciated. Thank you! If you are interested in supporting the CineFiles project, please click the "Give Now" button in the left-hand column on this page, or please write to

$1,000 and above
Institute of Museum and Library Services
California State Library, Library Services and Technology Act
National Endowment for the Humanities
The Louis B. Mayer Foundation
Packard Humanities Institute
Margaret Parsons
Janet and David Peoples

$500 - $999
Malou Babelonie
Al Garren
Saul Zaentz

$200 - $499
Elizabeth Fleming
Leon Goldman
Carol Huang
Lindsay and Peter Joost
Richard Kwietniowski
Gregory C. Moore
Richard Pena
Susan Marinoff and Thomas F. Schrag
Elizabeth Shippey and Andrew Johnson
Evelyn W. and Gordon J. Wozniak

$100 - $199
Giovanna Ames Lilica and Kinsey Anderson
Gale Bailey
Eric Bertellotti
Tod Booth
Kevin Cassady
Camille A. Celluci
Marian Chapman and Sandra Springs
Carol Christ and Paul Alpers
Sarah Clark
Carol Clover
Greta G. and Ray A. de Groat
Francesca Eastman
David Thomson
Ralph Guggenheim
Liz Keim
Virginia King
Freda Kirkham
Ruby She Liu
Karen and Russell Merritt
Doris Morrison
Anne Nesbet and Eric Naiman
Jean E. and Guy T. Saperstein
Gail Silva
Scott Simmon
Frances and Randolph Starn
Cindy W. Yan