Browse Bay Area Avant-Garde Film Titles

The following is a list of key avant-garde films produced in the Bay Area. Films produced elsewhere by the featured filmmakers can be accessed throught the All Directors browse option in the left column.

Please note that this list is not comprehensive and only features titles where documents of high quality or interest are available in the PFA Library collecton.

A.R.M. around Moscow Allures The aroma of enchantment
Abscam (framed) Angel blue sweet wings Artificial paradise
Accidental confessions Anita needs me Ascension of the demonoids
The adventures of Blacky Anselmo The astronomer's dream
Adventures of Jimmy Anselmo and the women At the museum: a pilgrimage of vanquished objects
Affirmations Anthem AUTO FIRE LIFE
Alaya Ariel The awful backlash
Back to nature Before need redressed Black is... black ain't
Ballplayer A bend in the river Bleu shut
Bardo Bi-coastal Bop scotch
The bed Binge By the lake
Before need
The cage Catch a tiger Common mistakes
Caravan Celebrity author Corruption of the damned
The cardinal's visit Chakra Cosas de mi vida (Things in my life)
The carnal bipeds Clinic of stumble Cosmos
Cartoon le mousse Color adjustment Creeping crimson
La casa de chorizo Color me shameless Cult of the cubicles
Castro street Coming up for air Cut piece
Deaf dogs can hear The desperate and the deep Devotions
Deepwesturn Destination damnation Dreaming toto big
Desire, Inc. The devil's cleavage Dreamwood
Easy living Eric and the monsters Ethnic notions
Eclipse of the sun virgin Erogeny Eureka
Elasticity Essex street market Executive air traveller
Encyclopedia of the blessed The eternal frame
Fake fruit First person plural: the electronic diaries Four in the afternoon
A fall trip home Five artists BillBobBillBillBob The fourth dimension
Fever dream Fog pumas Frame line
Field For Daniel Framed
Field study #2
The gardener of Eden The golden positions Guacamole
Get ready to march! Grateful dead The gymnasts
Glider Greene Street
Hamlet act History Hours for Jerome, part 1 & 2
Here I am Hold me while I'm naked House of the white people
Hermes bird Hot leatherette How to choose a wife
High kukus
I, an actress I saw Jesus on a tortilla Impaction of the igneous
I married a heathen I was a teenage rumpot Ingreen
King David Knockturne Kristina's harbor & old digs
Kirsa Nicholina Kristallnacht
The lady from Sand Points Light years expanding Loose ends
The lead shoes Long train running: the story of the Oakland blues Love's refrain
Light Longshot Lust for ecstasy
Light years Loony Tom
The mammal palace Mirage Mosori Monika
Man in a bubble Mock up on Mu Mother's day
Mandala Momentum Motorist
Mass for the Dakota Sioux The mongreloid Mr. Frenhofer and the minotaur
Media burn Moons pool Mr. Hayashi
Media hostages Morning Muir Beach
Meditation Mosholu holiday Mujer de milfuegos (Woman of a thousand fires)
Migration of the blubberoids
The naked and the nude No-more Northern lights
Naked spaces: living is round The noctural emaculation Not top gun
Natural features Non, je ne regrette rien (No regrets) Nuptiae
Near the big chakra Noon time activities
O no Coronado! Oh dem watermelons On Sundays
The off-handed jape Old digs
P-38 pilot Pilgrimage Portrait of the poet as James Broughton, part one
Pagan rhapsody The pleasure garden The potted psalm
The petrified dog Pneuma Pussy on a hot tin roof
Phenomena Portrait of Ramona
Raga Recovered diaries Reverberation
A reason to live Red shift Risks of individual actions
Reassemblage Re-entry Roslyn romance (is it really true?)
Samadhi Shoot for the contents Spectres of the spectrum
Scattered remains Side/walk/shuttle Still
Schmeerguntz Signal - Germany on the air Story of Ruthy
Screwball The slasher Strange culture
Seduction ads So, you want to be popular? Suite California: stops and passes, part I
17 reasons why Soft fiction Suite California: stops and passes, part II
Shadow's song Song and solitude Summerwind
Shaman psalm Song of the godbody The sunshine sisters
Shift Sonic outlaws Surname Viet given name Nam
Table Three Transparency
Take off Three drugs
A tale of love Threnody
Teknolust Time being Tribulation 99: alien anomalies under America
Termination Together Triste
Testament Tongues untied Trollstenen
The thief and the stripper Tootsies in autumn A tub named desire
This is it A town called Tempest Tung
This side of paradise Transmutation
Unstrap me Untitled Untitled, part one
Variations Virtual love The visitation
Vermin of the vortex
Wait Weather Diary 1 A woman distressed
War is hell The wet destruction of the Atlantic empire Workers leaving the factory (after Lumière)
The water circle Windowmobile World