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1. 'Art of remembrance'

3. 'Associate' employed N.Y. as silent partner

4. 'Associate' mines Gold(berg)

5. 'August'

6. 'Beauty' is a joy to behold

7. 'Beauty' trailer banned

9. 'Bus' takes Lee where he's going

11. 'Citizen Kane' documentary captivates

12. 'Disappearance': stunning chronicle of returning home

13. 'Election' gets results

14. 'Election' winners: wit, nastiness

15. 'Fire' has spark but not enough heat

16. 'Fire' is a daring tale of love in India

17. 'Forget Hollywood I would say'

18. 'Ghosts of Mississippi'

19. 'Ghosts of Mississippi'

20. 'Ghosts of Mississippi,' by way of Hollywood

21. 'Ghosts' history lacks emotional intensity

22. 'Ghosts' reflects noble crusade

25. 'Jack' gets old fast -- very fast

27. 'Mississippi' a burning drama on Evers murder

29. 'Portrait of a Lady': it's Henry James, but not literally

30. 'Secrets and lies' tells the truth

32. 'Stealing beauty' - a director's fantasy

33. 'The associate'

34. 'The associate'

35. 'The associate'

36. 'The crucible'

37. 'The portrait of a lady'

38. 15 minutes, and then some

39. 20th Century Fox 1995 fall preview

41. A 'Crucible' for all time

42. A beautifully told Hunchback

43. A body grows up before its owner

45. A celebration of life in drag

47. A classic at stake

48. A cramped but well-cast Buffalo

50. A director collides with the proprieties

53. A drifting life

54. A drifting life

55. A drifting life

56. A family affair in black and white

57. A family thing

58. A family thing

59. A family thing

60. A family thing

61. A film about Lesbians stirs India

62. A film is like a panther

63. A fine Goldberg variation

64. A flood of images that speak volumes

65. A flood of images that speak volumes

66. A handmade tale

67. A hot roof

68. A hot roof

69. A hot roof

70. A hot roof

71. A hot roof

72. A hot roof

73. A knowing child shapes up her parents

74. A letter

79. A mission to the past

80. A moment of innocence

82. A moment of innocence

83. A moment of innocence

84. A moment of innocence

85. A moment of innocence

86. A moment of innocence

87. A moment of innocence - Nun va goldun

88. A moment of silence

90. A pair of medieval buddies (one breathes fire)

91. A passion for color

92. A political move into movies

93. A postcard picture of a graffitti artist

94. A romantic guessing game

95. A sensitive hero and dancing gargoyles

96. A sexual confrontation of he lies, she lies

97. A sleepy Texas town's epic story

98. A smoking, swaggering all-around bad guy

100. A straight look at cross-dressing