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2. "White dog" is set loose at last

3. $40 million in debt and still forging ahead

4. '5 and dime'

6. 'Chan is missing'

7. 'Chan is missing' a funny, high-spirited treat

8. 'Chan is missing' an Oriental puzzle

9. 'Chan is missing'; so are the cliches

10. 'Danton' enlivens crazy epoch

12. 'Fanny and Alexander'

13. 'Fitzcarraldo'

14. 'Fitzcarraldo's' quest wasn't worth the effort

16. 'Gandhi' tells part of a story quite well

17. 'Heart' for art's sake

20. 'Labyrinth of passion'

21. 'One from the Heart'

22. 'Passion,' essay on art from Jean-Luc Godard

23. 'Tempest': shelter yourself from this interminable storm

24. 'The Atomic Cafe'

26. 'Vortex' from Scott B and Beth B

28. 1982 Asian American International Film Festival

29. 21st century nervous breakdown

31. 37 years after Hiroshima...

32. A 'suicidal mission'

33. A 20-year struggle puts 'Gandhi' on screen

34. A Hopi vision of life as metromania

35. A Hopi word for boffo

38. A TV workshop that relishes risk

39. A black comedy of the grimmest kind

41. A challenging 'Danton'

43. A film about a film

44. A fine film from Chinatown

45. A funny, high-spirited treat

46. A gentle love story

48. A humorous treat from Chinatown

49. A letter

50. A local's shoestring film stuns the critics

51. A man vanishes : The legacy of Shohei Imamura

52. A midsummer night's sex comedy

53. A midsummer night's sex comedy

54. A midsummer night's sex comedy

55. A midsummer night's sex comedy

56. A muddled look at Brazil's underside

57. A mystery movie is actually much more

59. A powerful 'Way' from Hungary

61. A real B movie: film noir at a theater noir

64. A throwback to the '60s, but as avant-garde as ever

65. A tribute to Toshiro Mifune

66. A tribute to Werner Herzog

67. A valedictory

68. A viable epic

69. A vicious white dog as a metaphor for racism

70. A well spent life: Les Blank's celebrations on film

71. A-bomb survivors in U.S.

72. Aarohan

73. Abbas Kiarostami at a glance

74. About Joan Harvey

75. Aces go places

76. Across the water

77. Actor's fury

78. Actress finds fame in sci-fi fantasy

79. Adventures in hopeless love

82. Airplane II - Sequel

83. Airplane II - The sequel

84. Airplane II - The sequel

85. Airplane II - The sequel

86. Airplane II - Zany again, but will it fly ?

87. Al and Judy

88. Albedo

89. Albedo

90. Alexander Kluge

91. All by myself

92. All by myself

93. All by myself

94. All by myself

95. All by myself

98. Alone in the dark

99. Alone in the dark

100. Alone in the dark