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5. 'Autour d'un film: India Song'

8. 'Dear Antonioni...' : the complete works of Michelangelo Antonioni

9. 'Dersou Ouzala' in Paris

10. 'Dersu Uzala' -- an epic adventure

11. 'F for fake': it's only a snow job

12. 'F' for fake

13. 'Hindenburg' an airship of fools

14. 'India song' a chant of love and death

15. 'Infra-man'

16. 'L'angoisse nous saisissait devant ce que nous voyions'

17. 'Nashville' tars majority with flaws of few

18. 'Nashville,' lively film of many parts

19. 'Oh, Socrates'

21. 'Power of the people'

22. 'The mirror'

23. 'The passenger'

24. 'The yakuza,' a cinematic hybrid about obligation

27. 'Travelling players'

28. 'Welfare' must be seen

29. 'Xala' -- A Senegalese fable

32. <Duelle> de Jacques Rivette

34. A European look at the future of film

35. A French treat: kissing cousins

36. A Greek 'odyssey'

37. A Greek tragedy unfolds in Chile

38. A Harlem love story

41. A cinema of resistance

42. A cloud of cliches in crooked sky

44. A couple of flawed new musicals

45. A critics' duet on 'Nashville'

46. A critics' duet on Nashville

47. A director lost in his script

48. A double homage in 'The Yakuza'

49. A free-form film maker spares all expenses

50. A gentle comedy of mores