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2. "The visitors" portrays ordeal of a threatened G.I.

3. 'Bien': Godard comes full circle

4. 'Dear Antonioni...' : the complete works of Michelangelo Antonioni

5. 'Dreamwood' was frustrating

6. 'Frenzy'--some mighty good Hitchcock

7. 'Godfather' casts long shadow

8. 'Godfather' is a brutal saga

9. 'Godfather' opens without him

10. 'Godfather' plays to empty house

11. 'I tried to be discreet with that nude corpse'

15. 'Pink Floyd' film visual music

16. 'Sambizanga' a moving film from Angola

17. 'Solaris' : Soviet treasure of science fiction

18. 'Solaris' is back in orbit

20. 'Super Fly' offers dope dealer as hero

21. 'The Godfather'

22. 'The Godfather' -- Brando's greatest

23. 'The Godfather' was worth waiting for

24. 'The Godfather': triumph for Brando

26. 'Tout va bien': class war commercial

27. 'Women in revolt,' madcap soap opera Warhol's

29. 10 Solaris

30. 2 Westerns with a difference

31. 3 works by Broughton at Whitney Museum

35. A dark side of the master

36. A drug dealer's final gamble

37. A film by Nagisa Oshima: Dear summer sister

38. A fine frenzy

39. A hatarozat (The decision)

40. A határozat

41. A letter

42. A pozdravuji vlastovsky

45. A revival that we can't refuse

47. A sense of loss

48. A sense of loss

49. A sense of loss

50. A steady gaze

53. A tribute to Andrei Tarkovsky

54. A tribute to Andrei Tarkovsky

55. A tribute to Werner Herzog

56. A varied burst of Brakhage

57. AWOL

58. AWOL

59. Abbas Kiarostami at a glance

60. Acht stunden sind kein tag

62. Across 100th Street lives by violence, hate

63. Across 110th Street

64. Across 110th Street

65. Across 110th Street

66. Adult fun

67. Adult fun

70. Africa's 'Xala' and 'Sambizanga'

71. After Othon, before History lessons, Geoffrey Nowell-Smith talks to Jean-Marie Straub and Danièle Huillet

73. Agnes Varda sings: an interview with Ying Ying Wu

86. Alchemy

87. Alexander Kluge

88. Alf 'n' family

89. Alf 'n' family

90. Alf 'n' family

91. Alfred Hitchcock

93. All about Alice

94. All about terror

95. All talk (some action)

96. All the advantages

98. Altecocker blues

100. American wilderness