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2. 'Burn!' & Brando don't catch fire

4. 'Burn' BO strength on Brando drawing

5. 'Sambizanga' a moving film from Angola

6. 'The art of Amalia'

7. 'The convent' a sly, beguiling tale

8. 29 Como era gostoso o meu frances - How tasty was my little Frenchman

10. A Agonia = The agony

12. A arte de amar...bem

13. A caixa

14. A caixa (Die Büchse)

15. A cangaceiro Saint George

16. A carta

17. A caça (La chasse)

18. A divina comedia (The divine comedy)

19. A idade da terra

20. A idade da terra

22. A idade major

23. A idade major

24. A ldade maior

26. A muddled look at Brazil's underside

29. A steady gaze

30. A talking picture

31. A talking picture

32. A talking picture

33. A talking picture

34. A talking picture

35. A talking picture

37. A terceira margem do rio

42. A tribute to Grove Press

44. A voyage of discovery with worldly women

45. Abraham Valley

46. Abraham Valley (Vale Abraão)

47. Adam and Eve

48. Adieu Babylone

49. Adulterio a Brasileira

50. Africa's 'Xala' and 'Sambizanga'