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1. "Yi Yi" (a one and a two)

3. 'A summer at Grandpa's'

4. 'A thousand years of good prayers'

6. 'All in this tea'

7. 'Confucian confusion'

8. 'Crash' breaks through

9. 'Crash' came to Paul Haggis in a dream -- and a carjacking

11. 'Dust in the wind'

13. 'Eat a bowl of tea'

14. 'Emperor' born of director's wish to 'get away'

15. 'Emperor': an Oscar for the buildings

16. 'Emperor's' belated wide release

17. 'Eros'

18. 'Good men, good women'

19. 'I didn't want to do another Chinese movie'

20. 'Last Emperor' wins top Golden Globe

21. 'Lust, caution' won't be Taiwan's entry at Oscar

22. 'Pushing' off-balance

23. 'The Last Emperor'

24. 'The last Emperor'

25. 'Three times'

27. 5000 years plus one

28. A 'Lost Horizon' film with most cuts restored

29. A Chinese tragedy, colored red

30. A Confucian confusion

31. A Confucian confusion

32. A Confucian confusion

33. A Confucian confusion

34. A Dai

35. A Hou trilogy: memory and beauty for a nation

36. A Robeson filmography

37. A Roots revival

39. A brighter summer day

40. A brighter summer day

44. A brighter summer day

46. A brighter summer day

48. A cad and a femme fatale simmer