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1. !@#$%* cinema Suzuki!

2. "Demon pond" is a stunning fantasy

4. "Kinoshita"

5. "The ballad of Orin"

7. "The ballad of Orin"

8. 'Actor's revenge' by Ichikawa

9. 'After Life' is beautiful

13. 'Autumn afternoon' at 5th Av.

14. 'Azumi'

16. 'Black Rain' (Kuroi Ame)

17. 'Black Rain': dark memories of Hiroshima

18. 'Black rain'

19. 'Blind beast'

22. 'Ceremony' attacks Japanese traditions

23. 'Ceremony' opens

24. 'Chaos' climaxes Kurosawa's career

25. 'Clouds' lining is mostly gray

28. 'Death by Hanging' drags

29. 'Dersou Ouzala' in Paris

30. 'Dersu Uzala' -- an epic adventure

32. 'Dodes'ka-den' a shantytown drama

33. 'Dodes'ka-den' is fine Kurosawa film

34. 'Doses'ka-den' is a Kurosawa curiosity

37. 'Early spring' at the New Yorker

38. 'Eijanaika'

39. 'Eijanaika' - a glorious but confusing epic

40. 'Emperor' born of director's wish to 'get away'

41. 'Emperor': an Oscar for the buildings

42. 'Emperor's' belated wide release

45. 'Gohatto'

58. 'Last Emperor' wins top Golden Globe

59. 'Lower depths' fine Japanese film play

60. 'Lust, caution' won't be Taiwan's entry at Oscar

63. 'Madadayo'

64. 'MarArthur's children'

72. 'Princess' rules in Japanese anime

75. 'Ran' gets big runaround for the Oscars

76. 'Ran' will be crowning achievement: Kurosawa

77. 'Ran': Kurosawa spectacle needs some sorting out

78. 'Rashomon' returns, probing reality anew

82. 'Street' shames vice center

84. 'The Last Emperor'

86. 'The insect woman'

87. 'The last Emperor'

88. 'The yakuza,' a cinematic hybrid about obligation

89. 'Tokyo Olympiad'

92. 'Tokyo story' at New Yorker

93. 'Tokyo story': universal

94. 'Ugetsu'

98. 'Warehouse' excruciating

100. 'Yojimbo'