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6. "Femme" arrives

10. "La vie de Bohème" with a Finnish lilt

12. "Perceval": a knight to remember

13. "Pickpocket" art at New Yorker

14. "Pickpocket" bows at New Yorker

18. "Summer" time and the livin' is queasy

19. "Summer": a flower waiting to be picked

22. "Up/down/fragile"

24. "Weekend" and history

26. '14 Juillet'

28. '60s-something

30. 'A little bit Puritanical'

31. 'A woman is a woman'

32. 'Adventures of Felix'

33. 'Ali' goes the distance but fails to score KO

34. 'Alias Betty'

35. 'Alias Betty'

37. 'Amen'

39. 'Aria' fantasies : Directors' shot at operatic roulette

40. 'Arizona Dream' conjures up notions of wimsy, melancholy

41. 'Army of shadows'

43. 'Attention bandits'

45. 'Au revoir les enfants'

46. 'Augustin' is dullest of dumb film idea

47. 'Autour d'un film: India Song'

48. 'Autumn'

49. 'Autumn' speaks volumes on love

55. 'Babette's feast'

56. 'Bad Blood,' French underworld types

57. 'Bad blood'

58. 'Bamako'

59. 'Banana Peel' slick movie

61. 'Beauty' is a joy to behold

62. 'Beauty' trailer banned

64. 'Before night falls'

65. 'Before' is beautiful but tragic

66. 'Betty': one woman's fall from grace

67. 'Bien': Godard comes full circle

69. 'Bitter victory'

71. 'Bizet's Carmen': vivid film version of opera

73. 'Boy Meets Girl,' from Leos Carax

76. 'Butcher of Lyons': 4 decades' perspective

77. 'Camarades' de Marin Karmitz

78. 'Carmen' -- a film triumph

80. 'Carmen' evening stirs the senses

81. 'Carmen' explores passion in this musical fantasy

82. 'Carmen' film role soprano's new niche

83. 'Carmen' sings with passion

84. 'Carmen': a better version this time

86. 'Carmen': torrid, terrific

87. 'Ceddo': An unholy war in Senegal

89. 'Clean'

90. 'Come back to the mill, Nick honey'

91. 'Comedy of power'

93. 'Contempt': now more relevant than ever

95. 'Cry of the owl' echoes Hitchcock, Lang

98. 'Daguerreotypes' shown at fete

99. 'Danton' enlivens crazy epoch

100. 'Daybreak'