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2. "Alien"...highly acclaimed thriller returns June 5

5. "Balalaika" is ringing out

15. "Bride" is as lovely as ever

17. "Cameraman"--the nimble art of Buster Keaton

19. "Cowboys," Leningrad-style

20. "Despair": the ultimate form of exile

21. "Directed by John Ford"

22. "Dracula": a cult hero for a fetishistic age

29. "Invisible man" has not faded

30. "Is this the family gun, Dad?"

32. "It's time to come inside now" an appreciation of Altman's 3 women

33. "John and Yoko"

34. "Johnny Guitar" hits the revival trail

35. "Johnny" is back and he's more colorful

37. "King of kings" opens at Coronet

38. "King of kings" sheds odd light on theme

39. "Lady Eve" is crackling film farce

40. "Lady in the dark," with Ginger Rogers, opens at Paramount

42. "Love parade" considered as Bolton's best

44. "Midnight" beat the odds to become a classic

48. "Objective, Burma!"

50. "Salt of the earth" returns