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1. 'ABCD'

4. 'Astoria'

5. 'Buena Vista Social Club'

6. 'Election' gets results

7. 'Election' winners: wit, nastiness

8. 'Geniuses' more moronic than cute

9. 'Holy' possessed by earthy spirit

10. 'Malkovich' writer was just being himself

11. 'Pie' is summer's teen sneak feature

13. 'Smoke' signals return to early style

14. 'Social' security

15. 'Son of Sam' weeps, as others rage, at movie

16. 'The art of Amalia'

17. 1977, summer of paranoia

18. A Cuban band's testament to the powers of music

19. A couch in New York

20. A couple of kooks

22. A family united by home and want

23. A fearless novice takes on the masters

24. A film about film that seeks to tap a common dream

25. A letter

26. A menage a trois for the good looks and the laughs

27. A new gloss on poverty in Ireland

28. A portal leading to self-parody

29. A quintessentially 'American' dream

30. A samurai among farmers

31. A sentimental education (with sex lessons, too)

32. A spiritual tug of war in the Australian outback

33. A sweet southern 'Cookie'

34. A toe-tapping 'Social Club'

36. A walk on the Wilde side

37. A wunderkind discovers the wonders of film

38. ABCD

39. ABCD

40. Abilene

41. Accelerator

42. Accelerator

43. Adrien Brody breaks out in 'Summer' and real life

45. Adwa - an African victory

46. Adwa: an African victory

47. Afraid of everything

48. Africa, I will see you : The films of Jean-Marie Teno

49. After Stonewall

50. After a space jaunt, he's odd, but he loves his wife