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1. 'Aphrodite' just too precious to work for Allen

2. 'Assassins' filled with lots of holes

3. 'Babe' hits a home run as a barnyard charmer

4. 'Babe' is Oscar's most deserving ham

5. 'Bacon' is an undercooked comedy

6. 'Blue' is a valentine to Brooklyn

8. 'Clockers' : Spike Lee back on his soapbox

9. 'Deaths' can't come too soon

11. 'Doom' - more tiresome punks

12. 'Perez Family' falls apart after a while

13. 'Silent' scenes

14. 'Smoke' glows with humanity

15. 'Smoke' glows with humanity

16. 'Smoke' sparks a prime partnership

17. 'The Perez Family': Saga in need of a thermostat

18. 'The convent' a sly, beguiling tale

19. 'To die for' headed for instant celebrity

20. 'To die for' isn't -- Van Sant ssells out

21. 'To die for': totally killer

23. 'Waterworld'

24. 'Waterworld' barely afloat after box-office disappointment

25. 'Waterworld' opens at no.1 -- Will it hold?

26. 'Waterworld' tests the water

27. 'Waterworld': Voyage to the bottom of Hollywood

28. (Re)productive tracts

29. 13 technical mistakes in Apollo 13

30. 20th Century Fox 1995 fall preview

31. 3 x Sam: the flavor of ketchup

32. A beauty and a beast

33. A boy who doesn't fit in, some bullies and a prom

34. A child in time

35. A colorful cast gives 'Blue' life

36. A couch in New York

37. A few words from Frederick Wiseman

38. A film that lost for winning

39. A fine 'sensibility'

40. A late finisher about a young hero in old Araby

42. A letter

44. A philosophy student who bites

45. A president a liberal could love

46. A remarkable look at Anne Frank

47. A short life recalled in a new documentary

48. A tale of love

49. A tale of love

50. A tale of love

51. A tale of love

52. A tale of love

53. A tale of love

54. A tale of love

55. A tale of love

56. A tale of love

57. A tale of love: a dialogue with Trinh T. Minh-ha

58. A talky 'Tale of Love' by Berkeley director

59. A terrifyingly real look at Anne Frank's life

60. A visceral, intellectual 'Addiction'

61. A.K.A. Don Bonus

62. A.K.A. Don Bonus

63. A.K.A. don bonus

64. A.k.a. don bonus

65. Abel revamps

66. Ace Ventura opening 6th biggest ever

67. Ace Ventura, in pursuit of a sacred bat

69. Ace Ventura: when nature calls

70. Ace sequel as far out as Uranus

71. Ace wriggles out of stupid movie

72. Across the sea of time

73. Across the sea of time

74. Across the sea of time

75. Acting the part

76. Addiction in all its gory detail

78. After slow start, 'sense' takes off

79. Agnes Varda filmographie

80. Agnes Varda on Demy

81. Alchemy

82. Alexander Sokurov: a retrospective

83. Alfred

84. All men are liars

85. All men are liars

86. All men are mortal

87. All the dead young men

88. America becoming: a Charles Burnett retrospective

89. American President receives strong vote

91. Amgel baby

92. Among the dead

94. An Austen-tatious year

95. An Austenesque/Thompsonesque experience

96. An aquatic Armageddon with lots of toys

97. An awfully big adventure

98. An awfully big adventure

99. An awfully big adventure

100. An awfully big adventure - Grosse fatigue