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1. "Despair": the ultimate form of exile

3. "Scum" for the big screen

4. '3 women' -- Altman's surreal dream

5. 'I taught John Travolta to dance'

6. 'Opening night'

8. 'Piece of the Action' is on side of the angels

9. 'Providence' - a chronic mystery

10. 'Sheep' and its shepherd

11. 'Stroszek'

12. 'The Silent Cry' at the Vanguard

13. 'The picture show man'

14. 'Twilight's last gleaming' : No star

15. 'Word Is Out': breaking gay stereotypes, successfully

16. 'Word is out'

17. 17 years later, 'Fever' fervor stayin' alive

20. 3 women

21. 3 women

22. 3 women

23. 3 women

25. A Robeson filmography

26. A bawdy choir

27. A brutal truth barred from the screens

28. A chilling look at early Fascism

29. A classic gets a new release on life

34. A gay movie for straights

35. A joke without a punch line

36. A letter

37. A marriage of eccentrics thrives on oddball artistry

38. A new work from Bruce Baillie

39. A none-too-sunny portrait of life in L.A.

40. A piece of the action

41. A piece of the action

42. A piece of the action

43. A thoughtful movie on gays

44. A tribute to George Kuchar

45. A tribute to Werner Herzog

46. A vision of Watts still frozen in time

47. ABBA - the movie

48. Abigail's party

49. Abigail's party