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3. 'Dead Birds' and other Gardner films

7. 5 shorts by Bruce Baillie at Film Forum

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13. Alphaville

14. Alphaville, une etrange aventure de Lemmy Caution

15. Alphaville, une etrange aventure de Lemmy Caution

20. California rambling

23. Color me Kuchar

24. Critic's choice : Salto

25. Crossroads and Quixote

28. Doctor Zhivago

29. Doctor Zhivago

30. Easy was a lady

31. El experimento "Acteón"

33. Epic vision

34. Fascinating fantasy from Fellini

35. Faves, hot and cool

44. Godard's Pierrot le fou

45. Godard's commedia

46. Gothic legend

48. Happiness to heartbreak : Varda to May

50. Il momento della verita