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1. Ajuricaba

2. America becoming: a Charles Burnett retrospective

4. Cinecittá International and Film Forum with Streamline Pictures and Sceneries Distribution present 'The Unordinary Madness of Marco Ferreri'

5. Films: Cinematheque to premiere films in honor of James Broughton

6. George Kuchar: lust for ecstasy

8. Killer of sheep

11. Marguerite Duras

12. Masahiro Shinoda to premiere new film at Japan Society, April 18; "Gonza the spearman" prizewinner at Berlin

17. On Wednesday, September 9, Film Forum premieres Chile, Obstinate Memory and The Battle of Chile

20. Press preview invitation

21. Rainer Werner Fassbinder

22. San Francisco filmmaker Nathaniel Dorsky in person

23. The films of John Cassavetes

24. The lacemaker

25. The serpent's egg

27. Theater week : Woody Allen

29. Viva Italia!