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4. Interview with Claude Chabrol

5. NY film bulletin: Jean Luc Godard issue

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13. Andi Engel talks to Jean-Marie Straub

14. The Dziga Vertov film group in America: an interview with Jean Luc Godard and Jean Pierre Gorin

21. Gorin 'deleasing' the real

25. Conversation with Jean Eustache

28. 'India song' a chant of love and death

29. Andi Engel talks to Jean-Marie Straub, and Danièle Huillet is there too

30. Burel & Bresson

33. tv Godard 6 X 2

37. 3 x Sam: the flavor of ketchup

39. A cloche-pied sur les frontieres

43. Robert Bresson

47. Agnes Varda sings: an interview with Ying Ying Wu

48. Every shade of black

50. Rohmer rides a new wave