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4. 'Directed by Andrej Tarkovskij'

5. 'Man of Aran'

7. 'Raging bull'

8. 'The Senator was indiscreet'

10. 'The young one'

11. ...And then there were none

12. 11'09"01

13. 1976. Crossroads: a new film by Bruce Conner

15. 37 years after Hiroshima...

16. A Huey P. Newton story

17. A brief history of time

18. A brief history of time

19. A brief history of time

20. A corner in wheat

21. A face in the crowd

22. A face in the crowd

23. A farewell to arms

24. A man's castle

25. A midsummer night's sex comedy

26. A note on a relevant documentary

27. A sense of history

29. A tale of love

30. A tale of love

31. A tale of love

32. A talking picture

33. A well spent life

34. A woman of affairs

39. ABC Africa

40. AWOL

41. Abduction

42. Abe Lincoln in Illinois

44. About last night...

45. Abraham Lincoln

46. Absolutely positive

48. Acts of defiance

50. Address unknown