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5. "Birth of a nation" for London

13. "Directed by John Ford"

14. "Individual fulfillment and collective achievement" an interview with Tomas Gutierrez Alea

16. "It's time to come inside now" an appreciation of Altman's 3 women

24. "Salt of the earth" returns

25. "Scenes from under childhood"

26. "Scum" for the big screen

27. "Team Woody" fires Bullets Over Broadway

28. "The Long Goodbye" from "Chinatown"

30. "The last tycoon": no one is stabbed, shot or raped

34. "Twice a man" -- thrice love, twice death

35. "Up/down/fragile"

37. "Weekend" and history

38. "White dog" is set loose at last

40. $40 million in debt and still forging ahead

42. '1900' uncut

43. '1900': It won't be Bertolucci's last tango

44. '1900': gone with the winds of change

45. '39 steps' walks away with prize

47. 'A Francis Coppola presentation'

49. 'A little bit Puritanical'

50. 'A magnificent and dangerous weapon'

51. 'All About Eve' set was no Garden of Eden

54. 'Amadeus,' shamadeus

56. 'American Splendor' makes unlikely celebrities

57. 'Amerika' draws top Sunday audience

58. 'Amerika' proves to be imperfekt

60. 'An evening with Beth B and Lydia Lunch'

61. 'Andy Warhol: screen tests'

62. 'Anger management' in control

63. 'Anger': Box office fades to black

65. 'Apocalypse' then, and now

66. 'Ashram': a spiritual leader's greatest fall from grace

67. 'Associate' employed N.Y. as silent partner

68. 'Attica' - TV retells a searing story

70. 'Babe' is Oscar's most deserving ham

71. 'Baby' still has its kick

72. 'Baseball' creator swings for the fences

73. 'Beauty' trailer banned

74. 'Before night falls'

75. 'Ben Hur' in 1927

78. 'Betty': one woman's fall from grace

79. 'Bien': Godard comes full circle

82. 'Bird' writer had to buy his way out of the shadows

83. 'Black Rain' (Kuroi Ame)

84. 'Black Rain': dark memories of Hiroshima

87. 'Blue movie': it's Taoism

89. 'Bonnie and Clyde': symptom and cause

91. 'Brokeback' again

92. 'Brokeback' pulled in Utah

95. 'Bunuel - auge des jahrhunderts'

96. 'But my film is a fable -- a happy story on sad themes'

98. 'Carmen' evening stirs the senses

99. 'Carmen' film role soprano's new niche