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1. !@#$%* cinema Suzuki!

4. "Alien"...highly acclaimed thriller returns June 5

7. "Balalaika" is ringing out

20. "Bride" is as lovely as ever

22. "Cameraman"--the nimble art of Buster Keaton

25. "Cowboys," Leningrad-style

26. "Demon pond" is a stunning fantasy

28. "Despair": the ultimate form of exile

29. "Directed by John Ford"

31. "Dracula": a cult hero for a fetishistic age

32. "Effie Briest" is a brilliant movie

34. "Femme" arrives

42. "Individual fulfillment and collective achievement" an interview with Tomas Gutierrez Alea

44. "Invisible man" has not faded

45. "Is this the family gun, Dad?"

47. "It's time to come inside now" an appreciation of Altman's 3 women