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1. "Femme" arrives

2. 'Army of shadows'

3. 'Blind beast'

5. 'Dreamwood' was frustrating

6. 'Keep on Rockin' at 1st Av.

7. 'Law and order'

9. 'Less I know about films the better'

10. 'M*A*S*H' mangles film-making axiom

12. 'Oh, Socrates'

13. 'One p.m.' at Whitney museum

14. 'Popi': permissible dissent

18. 'The wild child' raises curtain

23. 'Touch of Zen' a magical experience

25. 'Warehouse' excruciating

26. 1 P.M.

28. 3 works by Broughton at Whitney Museum

30. A Japanese tale

31. A Russian who seeks poetry, not propaganda

32. A cangaceiro Saint George

34. A coherent Godard political film

37. A hunt to avenge an accident

41. A lunatic cry: ideas and passions of Yasuzo Masumura

42. A lunatic cry: ideas and passions of Yasuzo Masumura

45. A pagan Dolce vita : 'Faces are my words'

46. A passion

47. A poem is a naked person

49. A resurrected Russian epic

50. A samurai among farmers

52. A spanking for 'Fellini Satyricon'

53. A stinging new film by Bunuel

55. A touch of Zen

56. A touch of Zen

57. A touch of Zen shows meticulous touch of King Hu

58. A touch of zen

60. A tribute to Andrei Tarkovsky

61. A tribute to Andrei Tarkovsky

62. A tribute to Grove Press

63. A tribute to Toshiro Mifune

64. A warrior's face

65. A well spent life: Les Blank's celebrations on film

66. A worse movie of a bad book

68. Adalen '31

69. Adalen '31

70. Adalen 31

72. After Othon, before History lessons, Geoffrey Nowell-Smith talks to Jean-Marie Straub and Danièle Huillet

73. Age of consent

74. Agnes Varda retrospective

75. Agnes Varda sings: an interview with Ying Ying Wu

76. Agnès Varda : a Regis dialogue and retrospective

77. Agnès Varda: cinécriture

78. Agosto '68 (August '68)

79. Aido

80. Aido slave of love

82. Alain Tanner: a film poet between utopia and realism

83. Alf Sjoberg

84. Alfred Hitchcock

85. Alice's restaurant

86. All talk (some action)

90. American revolution 2

91. American revolution 2

92. American revolution 2

93. An unusual double-bill

95. And share alike

96. Andi Engel talks to Jean-Marie Straub

97. Andi Engel talks to Jean-Marie Straub, and Danièle Huillet is there too

98. Andrei Roublev

99. Andrei Roublev

100. Andrei Roublev