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2. 'Adam's Rib' serves slice of Soviet life

4. 'Before night falls'

5. 'Before' is beautiful but tragic

6. 'Come back to the mill, Nick honey'

7. 'Darwin's nightmare'

8. 'Darwin's nightmare'

9. 'Dersou Ouzala' in Paris

10. 'Dersu Uzala' -- an epic adventure

14. 'Father and son'

15. 'Gahmlet' in a Russian film

16. 'Hamlet' wins Selznick prize

17. 'I am Cuba' is dated but interesting

18. 'Katyn' showcases Wajda's passion

20. 'Mother and son' is hypnotic, magisterial

21. 'Nevsky' : new sound, old fury

22. 'Nevsky' back on sound ground

23. 'Nevsky,' alive and well

26. 'Nostalghia,' in Italian

30. 'Right Stuff' cast bonded in S.F.

31. 'Russian ark'

32. 'Save and protect'

33. 'Solaris' : Soviet treasure of science fiction

34. 'Solaris' is back in orbit

35. 'Stalker' like a mediocre episode of Twilight Zone

40. 'The Right Stuff' -- All is A-OK in S.F.

41. 'The Right Stuff' hits Washington

42. 'The Right Stuff' takes off in San Francisco

44. 'The asthenic syndrome'

45. 'The cranes are flying'

47. 'The mirror'

48. 'The right stuff'

49. 'The second circle'

50. 'The second circle'

54. 'War and Peace' a gift to the world

55. 'War and peace'

56. 10 Solaris

57. 1964 film 'I am Cuba' mixes art and propaganda

58. 3 film comedies

61. 96 minutes in one shot

62. A 'Lear' without lyricism

66. A Madame Bovary from Russia

67. A Russian 'Right Stuff'

69. A Russian who seeks poetry, not propaganda

72. A celebrated artist's biography, on the verge of being a musical

74. A familiar face

78. A lovers' romance

79. A man without a nation, in Italy

82. A milestone to last for ever!

83. A montage on Russia, with love and sorrow

85. A movie that's got it all

88. A painter's latest cinematic collage

89. A picture of youth again

90. A poetic look at man vs. nature

91. A portrait of artist's world

92. A resurrected Russian epic

95. A slow Soviet 'King Lear'

96. A slow takeoff for 'Right Stuff'

97. A spectral meditation on pre-Revolution Russia

98. A summer to remember

99. A sweeping tale of a terrorist and his time

100. A tale of life after death