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1. [Vernon, Florida]

2. [The thin blue line]

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8. Werner Herzog eats his shoe

9. Werner Herzog eats his shoe

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13. We, the people behind the abuse

14. Was it love? The 'manacled Mormon' and his kinky weekend

16. Vernon, Florida

17. Vernon, Florida

18. Vernon, Florida

19. Vernon, Florida

20. Vernon, Florida

21. Vernon, Florida

22. Vernon, Florida

23. Vernon, Florida

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25. Unreeling 'the real'

27. Truth and consequences

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30. The unknown known

31. The unknown known

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33. The thin blue line

34. The thin blue line

35. The thin blue line

36. The thin blue line

37. The thin blue line

38. The thin blue line

39. The thin blue line

40. The thin blue line

41. The thin blue line

42. The thin blue line

43. The thin blue line

44. The shape of time

46. The idiot and the Adonis

57. The death penalty is weird enough

58. The dark wind

59. The dark wind

60. The dark wind

61. The Thin Blue suit

62. The Errol Morris DVD collection

63. Tabloid

64. Tabloid

65. Tabloid

67. Standard operating procedure

68. Standard operating procedure

69. Standard operating procedure

70. Standard operating procedure

71. Standard operating procedure

72. Standard operating procedure

73. Space odyssey

74. Shades of blue

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