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1. Goodbye south, goodbye

2. Goodbye south, goodbye

3. Goodbye south, goodbye

4. Goodbye south, goodbye

5. Goodbye South, goodbye

6. Nanguo zaijian, nanguo

7. Beiqing chengshi

8. A city of sadness

9. A city of sadness

10. A city of sadness

11. City of sadness

12. Postwar Taiwan's grief

13. A city of sadness

14. A city of sadness

15. A city of sadness

18. A city of sadness

19. Island in the mainstream

24. A city of sadness

25. Daughter of the Nile

26. Daughter of the Nile

27. Nilouhe nuer

28. Daughter of the Nile

29. Rootless in Americanized Taiwan

30. Daughter of the Nile

31. Nilouhe nuer

32. Daughter of the Nile

33. Daughter of the Nile

35. Daughter of the Nile

36. Lien lien fung chen

37. Dusted off

39. Dust in the wind

40. Dust in the wind

41. Dust in the wind

42. Dust in the wind

44. Dust in the wind

45. Dust in the wind

46. 'Dust in the wind'

47. Dust in the wind

48. Dust in the wind

49. Dust in the wind

50. Lien lien fung chen