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1. A corner in wheat

3. Abraham Lincoln

4. After many years

5. An unseen enemy

6. Broken blossoms

7. Broken blossoms

8. Broken blossoms

9. Broken blossoms

11. Dream street

12. Hearts of the world

13. Intolerance

14. Intolerance

15. Intolerance

16. Isn't life wonderful

17. Judith of Bethulia

18. Orphans of the storm

19. The Lonedale operator

21. The avenging conscience

22. The avenging conscience

23. The birth of a nation

24. The birth of a nation

25. The films of D.W. Griffith

27. The idol dancer

28. The masterworks of D.W. Griffith

30. The painted lady

31. The struggle

32. True heart Susie

33. True heart Susie