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1. 'Fanny and Alexander'

2. 'The Devil's wanton'

4. A chilling look at early Fascism

5. A matter of love and death

6. A passion

8. A sign of life

11. A valedictory

13. After the rehearsal

15. All in the families

16. An early Bergman

18. Another early Bergman

19. Ansiktet

20. Ansiktet

22. Auteur da fé

24. Autumn interiors

25. Autumn sonata

26. Autumn sonata

27. Autumn sonata

28. Autumn sonata

32. Bergman and Pinter

39. Bergman makes "Flute" a fable of fun

45. Bergman's "Winter Light"

46. Bergman's After rehearsal

49. Bergman's agonized look at sex