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1. 'Fanny and Alexander'

2. 'The Devil's wanton'

4. A chilling look at early Fascism

5. A lesson in love

6. A lesson in love

8. A matter of love and death

9. A passion

14. A sign of life

17. A tribute to Grove Press

18. A valedictory

20. After the rehearsal

23. All in the families

27. All these women

28. An early Bergman

30. Another early Bergman

31. Ansiktet

32. Ansiktet

34. Auteur da fé

36. Autumn interiors

37. Autumn sonata

38. Autumn sonata

39. Autumn sonata

40. Autumn sonata

41. Autumn sonata

42. Autumn sonata

43. Autumn sonata

44. Autumn sonata

48. Bergman and Pinter