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2. "The Long Goodbye" from "Chinatown"

3. '3 women' -- Altman's surreal dream

4. '5 and dime'

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14. 'Healthy' laughs about politics

16. 'Long goodbye' a clever movie

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18. 'Long goodbye' returns

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21. 'McCabe & Mrs. Miller' : a sneaky-great movie

22. 'My fourth comeback'

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24. 'Nashville,' lively film of many parts

25. 'Quintet' is no 'Sleeper'

26. 'Ready to wear'

28. 'Ready' gets OK to use sexy ads

29. 'Ready' hangs on a thread

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31. 'Secret honor'

32. 'Secret honor' : Dramatic light on Nixon

33. 'Short cuts' illuminates the ordinary

34. 'The player' : What's so funny?

35. 'The player' : ticket to ride

36. 'Thieves like us' -- subdued, evocative drama

37. 'Thieves like us' stays in the memory

38. 3 women

39. 3 women

40. 3 women

41. 3 women

42. A critics' duet on 'Nashville'

43. A critics' duet on Nashville

44. A curious spectacle

45. A dance critic's take on The Company

46. A dancer's life

47. A depression romance

48. A doughty Lillian Gish takes a fresh fling at comedy

49. A glance back at today's campaign

50. A gumshoe adrift, lost in the '70s

51. A lame, puny thing

52. A perfect couple

53. A perfect couple

54. A perfect couple

56. A prairie home companion

57. A prairie home companion

58. A prairie home companion

59. A prairie home companion

60. A rare film about gambler, madam

61. A sweet southern 'Cookie'

62. A wedding

63. A wedding

64. A wedding

65. A wedding

66. Actress Lillian Gish on Lillian Gish

67. Aging bad boy hits the good times

68. All that jazz

70. Altman and Gould make a brilliant 'Long goodbye'

72. Altman and Trudeau create a candidate

73. Altman creates a satiric presidential portrait

74. Altman defends his film

75. Altman dilutes Shepard's 'Fool'

76. Altman on the loose in Merchant Ivory territory

79. Altman visits a jazz-filled 'Kansas City'

80. Altman worse for 'Ready to wear'

81. Altman's "Ready' blocked in Germany

82. Altman's '3 women' a moving film; Shelley Duvall in memorable role

83. Altman's 'Perfect couple' is funny, satisfying

85. Altman's 'Wedding' to open N.Y. festival

87. Altman's Opryland epic

88. Altman's always ready to work

89. Altman's always ready to work

91. Altman's elegy

92. Altman's goin' to Kansas City

93. Altman's heartbreaker on Vietnam

94. Altman's portrait of the van Gogh brothers

96. American auteur

97. American dream unravels in Altman's Kansas City

98. American master

100. An Altman sitcom