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1. 'Dark Habits' kicks off gay festival

4. 'J'aime les contest de Noël tristes'

5. 'Kika' collapses under the weight of its own clutter

6. 'Kika' suffers from mood swings

7. 'Labyrinth of passion'

9. 'Law of Desire,' from Spain

10. 'Law of desire'

11. 'Matador'

12. 'Matador' gets away with murder

13. 'Matador' is a kinky tale of the bullfight

14. 'Matador,' a surrealist sex comedy

15. 'My advice to everyone'

17. 'Talk to her'

19. 'Tie me up! Tie me down!'

21. 'Volver'

27. A film schooling

28. A gently surreal story of human need

29. A noir departure

30. A noir look at religion

31. A satire about mad passions

32. A thing for the ladies

35. Absolute precision

36. Actor Fele Martinez grows up

37. Acts of undying devotion

38. All about my mother

39. All about my mother

42. All about my mother

43. All about my mother

44. All about my mother

45. All about my mother

46. All about my mother

47. All about my mother