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1. 'L'angoisse nous saisissait devant ce que nous voyions'

2. 'Power of the people'

3. A Greek tragedy unfolds in Chile

4. A terrifying history lesson

5. Adios, Alicia

6. Agonia

7. Alias El Rey del Joropo

8. America, unknown land

9. America, unknown land

13. Amerika, unknown land

15. Araya

16. Araya

17. Araya

18. Araya

19. Araya

20. Aventurera

21. Baffled dignity

22. Battle of Chile

24. Battle of Chile: war of two worlds

25. Chick Strand

26. Chick Strand

27. Chick Strand

28. Chick Strand

29. Chick Strand: Seeing in between

30. Chick Strand: experimental filmmaker

32. Chile .3. Guzman

33. Chile con carnage

34. Chile confronts its own history

36. Cineaste selects the ten best political films 1967-1987

37. Coup de cinema

40. Death of a nation

41. Documentary of Chile battle filmed as it happened

42. Film Forum: The last days of Allende

43. La bataille de Chili

44. La bataille du Chili

45. La bataille du Chili

48. La batalla de Chile

49. La batalla de Chile

50. La batalla de Chile

51. La batalla de Chile

53. La lutte des classes filmée comme un paysage

54. La mise en images des contradictions de l'Unité populaire

55. La violence quotidienne

56. Le Chili au coeur

60. Mosori Monika

62. Off the beaten tracks with Chick Strand

63. On Wednesday, September 9, Film Forum premieres Chile, Obstinate Memory and The Battle of Chile

65. Passionate documentary on the Chilean coup

66. Politics and the documentary in people's Chile: an interview with Patricio Guzman on 'The Battle of Chile'

67. Powerful film of fascist coup

68. Screen: Part 3 of 'The Battle of Chile'

69. Sympathetic cinema

70. The archangel's feather

71. The battle of Chile

72. The battle of Chile

73. The battle of Chile

74. The battle of Chile

75. The battle of Chile

76. The battle of Chile

77. The battle of Chile

78. The battle of Chile

79. The battle of Chile

80. The battle of Chile

81. The battle of Chile

82. The battle of Chile

83. The battle of Chile

84. The battle of Chile

88. The battle of Chile : the release of 'The Battle of Chile' in its country of origin

89. The battle of Chile: The fight of an unarmed people

90. The battle of Chile: The fight of an unarmed people

91. The battle of Chile: the struggle of an unarmed people

92. The camera as pollster

93. The complex reality of revolution

94. The discreet harm of the bourgeoisie

95. The long-awaited final part of The Battle of Chile trilogy opens at Film Forum

97. The power of the people : The battle of Chile : Third part

98. Third World cinema: the zeal of disapproval

99. [Araya. Stills.]

100. [The battle of Chile]