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2. 'Associate' employed N.Y. as silent partner

3. 'Associate' mines Gold(berg)

4. 'August'

6. 'Bus' takes Lee where he's going

9. 'Disappearance': stunning chronicle of returning home

10. 'Election' gets results

11. 'Election' winners: wit, nastiness

12. 'Ghosts of Mississippi'

13. 'Ghosts of Mississippi'

14. 'Ghosts of Mississippi,' by way of Hollywood

15. 'Ghosts' history lacks emotional intensity

16. 'Ghosts' reflects noble crusade

19. 'Jack' gets old fast -- very fast

20. 'Mississippi' a burning drama on Evers murder

22. 'Portrait of a Lady': it's Henry James, but not literally

24. 'The associate'

25. 'The associate'

26. 'The associate'

27. 'The crucible'

28. 'The portrait of a lady'

29. 15 minutes, and then some

30. 20th Century Fox 1995 fall preview

32. A 'Crucible' for all time

33. A beautifully told Hunchback

34. A body grows up before its owner

35. A celebration of life in drag

36. A classic at stake

37. A cramped but well-cast Buffalo

38. A family affair in black and white

39. A family thing

40. A family thing

41. A family thing

42. A family thing

43. A film is like a panther

44. A fine Goldberg variation

45. A flood of images that speak volumes

46. A flood of images that speak volumes

47. A letter

49. A mission to the past