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1. 'Abyss': off the deep end

2. 'All Dogs' is an animated bow-wow-bowser film

3. 'Dead bang' a shot in the dark

4. 'Depeche Mode 101'

5. 'Do the Right Thing' doesn't

6. 'Do the right thing'

8. 'Drugstore cowboy' goes from canvas to the screen

10. 'Eat a bowl of tea'

11. 'Forbidden City, USA'

12. 'Forbidden' challenge

13. 'Life is cheap...'

14. 'Long weekend (o'despair)'

15. 'Long weekend'

16. 'Penn & Teller get killed'

17. 'Right Thing' a wake-up call

18. 'Right Thing' sparks media overreaction

19. 'Right thing' a wake-up call

20. 'Roger & Me' is brash and goofy

23. 'Roger & Me': narrow, simplistic, wrong

24. 'Roger & Me': redefining the limits

25. 'Roger & me'

26. 'Rooftops'

27. 'Rooftops' never getrs off the ground

28. 'The Mahabharata'

29. 'The Mahabharata' faces test of integrity in India

30. 'The great story of (Hu)mankind'

31. (Re)productive tracts

33. A Sanskrit epic about gods, warriors and magic

34. A Spike Lee retrospective

35. A clash of generations and cultures

36. A classic transformed

37. A comic vision of bitter cultural history

38. A contrarian out lookging for trouble

39. A film tweaks G.M. over jobless

40. A hero of the indies gets minimal again

42. A lukewarm 'Bowl of Tea'

43. A man, a woman, a chimp

44. A peek at 'Forbidden' S.F. nightclub

45. A return to the Forbidden City's glory days

46. A self-taught film maker creates a comic hit

47. A sentimental education (with sex lessons, too)

48. A stellar cast films a steamy Williams play

50. A tale of love: a dialogue with Trinh T. Minh-ha