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1. Abyss

3. Bette Davis : Hush hush sweet Charlotte

4. By candlelight

5. Do the right thing

6. En busca de lo sublime: Stan Brakhage

7. Green hell

8. Hell bent

9. Hell's angels

10. Hello out there

11. Homenaje a la diligencia

12. Homer and Eddie

13. Impatient maiden

14. Journey's end

15. Killer of sheep

16. Mademoiselle Fifi

17. Off-Bollywood

18. One more river

19. Port of seven seas

20. Remember the last night?

21. Samuel Fuller

22. Show boat

23. Sinners in paradise

24. The bride of Frankenstein

26. The great Garrick

27. The invisible man

28. The kiss before the mirror

29. The man in the iron mask

30. The old dark house

31. The road back

32. They dare not love

33. Trinh T. Minh-ha : el documental no/es un nombre

34. Waterloo Bridge

35. Wives under suspicion

36. Yvonne Rainer