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1. 'Notre musique'

2. A Godard odyssey in Dante's land

3. Amelia Lopes O'Neill

4. Amelia Lopes O'Neill

5. Amelia Lopes O'Neill

6. Amelia Lopes O'Neill

7. Amelia Lopes O'Neill

8. Angels

9. Angels

10. Coppola

11. Europe's oldest active director

12. Facing the Musique

13. From the desk of film comment

14. Godard's haunting 'Musique'

15. Godard's metaphysics of the movies

16. Manoel de Oliveira

17. Manoel de Oliveira, or cinema, the art of enigma

19. Notre musique

20. Notre musique

21. Notre musique

22. Olivier Assayas on Something in the air: 'A rock concert, a party, a riot--these are the rites of passage'

23. Olivier Assayas: between love and terror

24. Our music

25. The cinema of Raul Ruiz

26. The loony love of a faithful woman

27. The winter of his discontent