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5. 'Dark Habits' kicks off gay festival

8. 'J'aime les contest de Noël tristes'

9. 'Kika' collapses under the weight of its own clutter

10. 'Kika' suffers from mood swings

11. 'Labyrinth of passion'

13. 'Law of Desire,' from Spain

14. 'Law of desire'

16. 'Matador'

17. 'Matador' gets away with murder

18. 'Matador' is a kinky tale of the bullfight

19. 'Matador,' a surrealist sex comedy

20. 'My advice to everyone'

22. 'Solas'

25. 'Strawberry' dares Castro Cuba

28. 'Talk to her'

30. 'Tie me up! Tie me down!'

32. 'Tristana'

33. 'Volver'

37. 3 fables of love

41. A complex film on sin and pride

43. A film schooling

44. A final journey into the heart of Cuba

45. A flirtation across the borders

46. A frosty family reunion

47. A gently surreal story of human need

49. A mother's selfless love and dignity