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38. Cause célèbre or just propaganda?

41. Citizen Kane

44. Desire under the palms

49. Family dynamics, without the bullets

50. Festival hits? Bunuel and Bergman

54. From everygirl to everywoman

55. Future chic

57. Getting what you need: changing surrealist vision in Luis Bunuel's Un Chien Andalou, Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie, and That Obscure Object of Desire

58. Her time in the sun

59. His answers are on screen

60. Il corpo e la favola

62. In the flesh

63. In the picture: Mr Carlosawa

64. Inside the mind of a compulsive storyteller

65. Internal affairs: Pedro Almodóvar's Bad education intensifies the director's ongoing exploration of identies in crisis

66. Jack le fataliste

67. Jacques Rivette/ John Carpenter: insularities compared

68. Jeux de mots jeux de maître

70. King of Spain

71. Kinky 'Kika'

72. L'empire des mots

75. Le curé de la guillotine

77. Le plaisir et le jeu

78. Les deux colonnes (suite)

80. Lost Orson Welles film debuts at Edinburgh fest

82. Luis Bunuel's Viridiana

83. Man from La Mancha

84. Man from La Mancha

85. Man of many women

88. Movie by Bunuel to be seen here

90. Mr. Arkadin

91. New from Orson Welles: updated 'Quixote'

92. Now voyager

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