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1. "Yi Yi" (a one and a two)

2. 'Good men, good women'

3. A Hou trilogy: memory and beauty for a nation

4. A complex Taiwan tale

5. A masterwork from Taiwan

6. A one and a two...

7. A one and a two...

8. A poet of middle-class life, played out in Taiwan

9. Alone in a crowd

10. An unfolding horizon: the films of Hou Hsiao-Hsien

11. Cafe lumiere

12. Cafe lumiere

13. Cafe lumiere

14. Cafe lumiere

15. Café Lumière

16. Café lumiere

17. Café lumière

18. Café lumière

19. Café lumière

20. Calm within the storm

23. Director wanted to grow up enough to make 'Yi Yi'

24. Discreetly veiled brothels of old Shanghai

25. Displaced, disaffected and desperate to connect

26. Edward Yang at Cannes: from Taiwan with love

27. Edward Yang, 1947-2007

28. Esprit de corps

29. Flowers of Shanghai

30. Flowers of Shanghai

31. Flowers of Shanghai

32. Flowers of Shanghai

33. Flowers of Shanghai

34. Flowers of Shanghai

35. Flowers of Shanghai

36. Flowers of Shanghai

37. Flowers of Shanghai

38. Getting the DVD transfer right the second time around

39. Good men, good women

40. Good men, good women

41. Good men, good women

42. Good men, good women

43. Good men, good women

44. Hai shan hua

45. Haonan haonu

46. Heroine addiction

47. Hounan haonu

48. In Taiwan, there's little respect for filmmaking

49. It's all relative

50. Le grand excès spices love poems to food