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1. 3 x Sam: the flavor of ketchup

2. After Othon, before History lessons, Geoffrey Nowell-Smith talks to Jean-Marie Straub and Danièle Huillet

3. Agnes Varda sings: an interview with Ying Ying Wu

5. Alain Resnais

9. Andi Engel talks to Jean-Marie Straub

10. Andi Engel talks to Jean-Marie Straub, and Danièle Huillet is there too

11. Antonioni after China: art versus science

13. Bernardo Bertolucci seminar

14. Chantal Akerman: the pajama interview

15. Claude Chabrol interviewed

17. Conversazione con Jean-Marie Straub

18. Director chronicles terrorism

19. Don't look now: Nicolas Roeg interviewed by Tom Milne and Penelope Houston

24. Fellini contre fellini

30. Francesco Rosi

31. Francis Ford Coppola

32. Frankenheimer

33. Fritz Lang 'Contempt'

35. Godard & Gorin

37. Gorin 'deleasing' the real

38. Here comes the dulhan

40. In the red desert

41. Index to the work of Gregory Markopoulos, years 1967-70

42. India songs

43. Interview with Claude Chabrol

44. Interview with Godard

45. Interview with director Francesco Rosi

46. Jacques Rozier

47. Jean Luc Godard