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1. After darkness

2. Angelic conversations

3. Ciné Varda

4. Elephant

5. Godard for ever (II): a Jean-Luc Godard retrospective

6. In the margins of fiction: the films of Robert Frank

7. India Cabaret

8. India Cabaret

9. Insignificance

10. Insignificance

11. Jirí Menzel retrospective

12. Made in Britain: Alan Clarke

13. Nicolas Roeg: stranger in a strange land

14. Regis dialogue and retrospective: Agnès Varda

15. Sans toit hi loi

16. The angelic conversation

17. The angelic conversation

18. The films of Gus Van Sant

19. The stuff that dreams are made of: the films of John Huston part two

20. The world of Agnès Varda

21. Vagabond

22. Vagabonde

23. Vagabonde

24. Varda from '54 to '92

25. Werkschau Nicolas Roeg

26. Yvonne Rainer

27. Yvonne Rainer

28. [India Cabaret]