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1. "Scum" for the big screen

2. '60s-something

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5. 'A king in New York' is back

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11. 'August'

12. 'Beauty' is a joy to behold

13. 'Beauty' trailer banned

14. 'Brother's' a keeper

15. 'Buddha' big on looks, little on drama

16. 'Buena Vista Social Club'

17. 'But my film is a fable -- a happy story on sad themes'

18. 'Caravaggio'

19. 'Caravaggio' reviewed

20. 'Castaway'

21. 'Clean'

22. 'Cry Freedom' for Biko

23. 'Cry freedom'

24. 'Das innere bloss'

25. 'Dear Antonioni...' : the complete works of Michelangelo Antonioni

26. 'Deaths' can't come too soon

27. 'Depeche Mode 101'

28. 'Directed by Andrej Tarkovskij'

29. 'Divorce' probes Mideast relations

30. 'Divorce' reveals a universal anguish

31. 'Divorce, Iranian style'

32. 'Don't Look Now' at Sutton

33. 'Don't Look Now' is tantalizing mystery

34. 'Don't Look Now' will scare you -- subtly

35. 'Don't look now'

39. 'Emperor' born of director's wish to 'get away'

40. 'Emperor': an Oscar for the buildings

41. 'Emperor's' belated wide release

42. 'Eros'

43. 'Eureka': Roeg's high-falutin' drivel

44. 'Full metal jacket'

46. 'Gandhi' tells part of a story quite well

47. 'George Orwell des films'

48. 'Gohatto'

49. 'Gosford's' Altman says he's a proud American

50. 'Hindered' has special poignancy