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2. A tribute to Werner Herzog

7. A year of the quiet sun

9. Actors simply explode: to act in the cinema of Jean-Marie Straub and Danièle Huillet

11. Amerikana

12. Amerikana

13. Among the cinders

14. Among the cinders

15. Angelan sota/Angelas krig

16. Anna's mutter

24. Blaubart (Bluebeard)

25. Chantal Akerman: the integrity of exile and the everyday

26. Chris Marker navigator in unsicherem gewässer

27. Class relations

28. Class relations

29. Class relations

30. Class relations

31. Class relations

32. Class relations: based on Kafka

34. Das autogram

35. Death in the afternoon

43. Encyclopedie Harun Farocki

44. Eric Rohmer

47. Film: Class relations, Kafka story