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2. 'Oh, Socrates'

10. A tribute to Andrei Tarkovsky

11. A tribute to Andrei Tarkovsky

12. After Othon, before History lessons, Geoffrey Nowell-Smith talks to Jean-Marie Straub and Danièle Huillet

13. Agnes Varda filmographie

14. Agnes Varda retrospective

15. Agnes Varda sings: an interview with Ying Ying Wu

16. Agnès Varda: cinécriture

17. Alain Tanner: a film poet between utopia and realism

18. Alexander Kluge

19. All talk (some action)

20. Andi Engel talks to Jean-Marie Straub

21. Andi Engel talks to Jean-Marie Straub, and Danièle Huillet is there too

22. Andrzej Wajda

23. Andrzej Wajda

24. Andy Warhol

25. April schedule 1973

26. Arthur Penn, American auteur

27. At the end of the year

28. Biography/Rainer Werner Fassbinder

29. Biography/Rainer Werner Fassbinder - Long Version

30. Blood of a poet: the cinema according to Sam Peckinpah

31. Brechtian aspects of radical cinema -- excerpt. Political formations in the cinema of Jean-Marie Straub

32. Chantal Akerman: the pajama interview

33. Cinema - a critical dictionary -- excerpt. Jean-Marie Straub

34. Circle of pain: the cinema of Nicholas Ray

35. Claude Chabrol

37. Conversazione con Jean-Marie Straub

38. Coppola

43. Emotion picture: Agnès Varda's self-reflexive The beaches of Agnès and the cinema of generosity

44. Encyclopedie Harun Farocki

46. Eric Rohmer

48. Fassbinder

49. Fassbinder

50. Fassbinder -- excerpt

51. Fassbinder and his films: art conquers death

52. Fassbinder's early insight

53. Fassbinder: 10 films

54. Fassbinder: dealing with Germany's guilt

55. Fellini

57. Film and video by Robert Frank

59. Film: "Katzelmacher" hypnotizes and amuses

61. Filmografia di Jean-Marie Straub

62. Films

63. Films from underground

65. Four films directed by Werner Herzog

67. Godard

68. Godard for ever (II): a Jean-Luc Godard retrospective

69. Godards suche nach freien

70. Gregory J. Markopoulos : filmography/catalogue of films

72. Harun Farocki

73. Harun Farocki

74. Harun Farocki: a retrospective

76. Herzog: film retrospective

77. Homenaje in memoriam: Andrei Tarkovski

78. Illuminating Ingmar Bergman

79. Images of the world: the films of Harun Farocki

80. Imitations of life : The films of Rainer Werner Fassbinder

81. Imitations of life: the films of Rainer Werner Fassbinder - Long Version

82. Index to the work of Gregory Markopoulos, years 1967-70

83. Ingmar Bergman's magic lantern: life as art in retrospect

84. International film guide -- excerpt

86. Jean Renoir

87. Jean-Luc Godard : Master of modern cinema -- a definitive tribute

88. Jean-Marie Straub

89. Jean-Marie Straub and Danièle Huillet

90. Jean-Pierre Melville in context

91. Jean-Pierre Melville in context

92. Joris Ivens 50-80

94. Katzelmacher

95. Katzelmacher

96. Katzelmacher

97. Katzelmacher

98. Katzelmacher

99. Katzelmacher

100. La caduta degli dei