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1. 'Buena Vista Social Club'

2. 'Butcher of Lyons': 4 decades' perspective

3. 'Crash' breaks through

4. 'Crash' came to Paul Haggis in a dream -- and a carjacking

6. 'Hotel Terminus'

7. 'Social' security

8. 'Terminus': a butcher's origins

9. A Cuban band's testament to the powers of music

10. A couple of kooks

11. A final journey into the heart of Cuba

12. A letter

13. A sweeping tale of a terrorist and his time

14. A toe-tapping 'Social Club'

15. A tribute to Andrei Tarkovsky

16. A tribute to Andrei Tarkovsky

17. A tribute to Werner Herzog

18. Airbag

19. Airbag

20. Alea's 'Guantanamera' is one from the heart

21. Amor America

23. Anansi

24. Angry people

25. Arthur Penn, American auteur

29. Bearing witness

30. Beyond bullets and berets, life in wartime

31. Big screen: 'Carlos'

32. Born cool

33. Buena Vista Social Club

34. Buena Vista Social Club

35. Buena Vista Social Club

36. Buena Vista Social Club

37. Buena Vista Social Club

38. Buena Vista Social Club

39. Buena Vista Social Club

40. Buena Vista Social Club

41. Buena Vista brings back old cuban sound

42. Buena Vistas Social Club

43. Capturing a Cuban sound before it could die out

44. Carlos

45. Carlos

46. Carlos

47. City life

48. City life

49. City life

50. Confrontational 'Hotel Terminus'