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1. "Despair": the ultimate form of exile

2. '8 Mile' high

3. 'All the Queen's men'

4. 'Amen'

5. 'Ashram' a two-faced documentary

6. 'Ashram': a spiritual leader's greatest fall from grace

7. 'Buena Vista Social Club'

8. 'Butcher of Lyons': 4 decades' perspective

10. 'Company,' Altman's dance film with legs

11. 'Crash' breaks through

12. 'Crash' came to Paul Haggis in a dream -- and a carjacking

14. 'Das innere bloss'

15. 'Dear Antonioni...' : the complete works of Michelangelo Antonioni

16. 'Disappearance': stunning chronicle of returning home

18. 'Fear of unknown' enters pop culture

19. 'Fitzcarraldo'

20. 'Fitzcarraldo's' quest wasn't worth the effort

21. 'Gosford's' Altman says he's a proud American

22. 'Hindered' has special poignancy

23. 'Hindered,' film, views a love lost

24. 'Hokey smokes!'

25. 'Hotel Terminus'

26. 'Invincible'

28. 'Journeys from Berlin/1971'

30. 'Monsoon' season

31. 'Pink Floyd' film visual music

34. 'Rocky' road for 'Ropes'

35. 'Smoke' glows with humanity

36. 'Smoke' glows with humanity

37. 'Smoke' sparks a prime partnership

38. 'Social' security

42. 'Stroszek'

43. 'Terminus': a butcher's origins

44. 'The Silent Cry' at the Vanguard

46. 'Twilight's last gleaming' : No star

47. 'Wheel of time'

48. 'Zentropa' is a bleak ride

49. 100 years of solitude

53. 8 mile

54. 8 mile

55. 8 mile

56. 8 special headaches in one Olympian film

57. A 'suicidal mission'

58. A Cuban band's testament to the powers of music

61. A TV workshop that relishes risk

62. A barrage of cliches

63. A character with phobias? Scorsese can relate

65. A chilling look at early Fascism

66. A couch in New York

67. A couple of kooks

68. A critical study of the West Coast experimental film movement

69. A dance critic's take on The Company

70. A dancer's life

72. A film about a film

73. A fully realized 'House'

74. A good rap

75. A joke without a punch line

76. A letter

77. A life in suitcases

78. A light touch keeps Around aloft

79. A little transcendence goes a long way

81. A metaphor for post-WWII confusion

83. A nightmare in postwar Germany

84. A picture of youth again

86. A report on reporters in the world's hot spots

87. A retrospective of the films of Fritz Lang

90. A sweeping tale of a terrorist and his time

91. A toe-tapping 'Social Club'

92. A tribute to Andrei Tarkovsky

93. A tribute to Werner Herzog

94. A very brief apprenticeship

95. A weird night at the Festival

96. A world in a raised eyebrow, but how to film it?