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1. 'Comedy of power'

3. A comedy of power

4. A comedy of power

5. A girl cut in two

7. A girl cut in two

9. A girl cut in two

10. A girl cut in two

11. A judgment in stone

12. A maid is hired, danger is served

16. Both sides now

19. Cinema Guild and Studio March-April 1956

20. Claude Chabrol

22. Comedy of power

23. Comedy of power

24. Comedy of power

25. Dirty hands

26. Dirty hands

27. Folies bourgeoises

30. Godard

31. I, Claude

32. Innocents with dirty hands

33. Insects in a glass case

34. Killer instincts

35. La cérémonie

36. La cérémonie

37. La demoiselle d'honneur

38. La fille coupee en deux

40. Magnificent sorcery: the films of Orson Welles

41. Maid cleans house in taut 'Ceremonie'

42. Primal screams

43. Questions de mise en scène

44. Quiet days in Clichy

45. Scandal lite

47. Still catching the wave

48. Swimming with sharks

49. The bridesmaid

50. The bridesmaid

51. The bridesmaid

52. The bridesmaid

53. The ceremony

54. The girl cut in two

55. The magic bus

56. The man who loved women: eight films by the late Claude Chabrol at LACMA

59. Wide world of crime