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4. 'L'angoisse nous saisissait devant ce que nous voyions'

7. 'Power of the people'

8. 'Providence' - a chronic mystery

9. 90 minutes pour le matin de Paris?

11. A Greek tragedy unfolds in Chile

13. A cloche-pied sur les frontieres

15. A heartbreaking love story

16. A letter

18. A terrifying history lesson

19. A tribute to Werner Herzog

20. A. Constant

21. Abbas Kiarostami

22. Abbas Kiarostami at a glance

24. Agnes Varda filmographie

25. Agnes Varda retrospective

26. Agnes Varda sings: an interview with Ying Ying Wu

28. Agnès Varda : a Regis dialogue and retrospective

29. Alain Resnais - the man who makes movies of the mind

30. Alain Resnais' Providence

31. Alain Resnais: selected works

35. Andrzej Wajda

40. Apocalyptic desires: Marguerite Duras before 'The lover'

41. Bad company: the films of Jean Eustache

42. Battle of Chile

43. Battle of Chile: war of two worlds

44. Baxter, vera baxter

47. Biography/Rainer Werner Fassbinder

48. Biography/Rainer Werner Fassbinder - Long Version

49. Blue collar dandy