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8. 'Darwin's nightmare'

9. 'Darwin's nightmare'

10. 'Du bout des levres'

12. 'Lumumba'

13. 'Lumumba' traces leader's journey

14. 'Pink Floyd' film visual music

15. 'The Mahabharata'

16. 'The Mahabharata' faces test of integrity in India

17. 'The great story of (Hu)mankind'

18. A Sanskrit epic about gods, warriors and magic

19. A bird's eye view of a documentary career

20. A classic transformed

21. A comme Adrienne

22. A comme Adrienne

23. A comme Adrienne - A wie Adrienne

25. A couch in New York

29. A letter

30. A line of strong women with faith in destiny

31. A recipe for film

32. A treat -- not to be missed!

34. Aaltra

35. Aaltra

36. Aaltra

37. Aaltra

38. Aaltra

39. Abracadabra

40. African leader's brief blaze of glory

42. Agnes Varda filmographie

43. Agnes Varda on Demy

44. Agnes Varda retrospective

45. Agnes Varda sings: an interview with Ying Ying Wu

47. Agnès Varda : a Regis dialogue and retrospective

49. Alain Tanner: a film poet between utopia and realism

50. Algerians in Paris as city and country mice