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1. 'A girl's own story'

2. 'Amy'

3. 'Babe sequel gets too dark

4. 'Babe' hits a home run as a barnyard charmer

5. 'Babe' is Oscar's most deserving ham

6. 'Babe' is pig-headed for success

7. 'Dingo': Sweet swan song of Legrand jazz from Davis

8. 'Holy' possessed by earthy spirit

10. 'Piano': just a woman's fantasy?

11. 'Rabbit' will raise multiple questions

12. 'Smoke' signals return to early style

13. 'Sweetie' isn't sugary

14. 'Sweetie' takes some odd turns

15. 'Ten canoes'

16. 'The Mahabharata'

17. 'The Mahabharata' faces test of integrity in India

18. 'The Piano' scales heights of passion

19. 'The great story of (Hu)mankind'

20. 'The picture show man'

21. 'The tracker'

22. 'Walkabout'

23. 2 friends

24. 2 sisters too odd for anyone else

25. A Sanskrit epic about gods, warriors and magic

26. A ballad about hunting a fugitive and finding evil

27. A bird's eye view of a documentary career

28. A classic transformed

29. A dark family affair

31. A gentle love story

32. A girl's own story

34. A girl's own story

35. A girl's own story

36. A girl's own story

37. A girl's own story

38. A knowing child shapes up her parents

39. A letter

40. A look at love

41. A love story heats up 19th-century New Zealand

42. A mystery of language, a mystery of murder

43. A passion concerto in 'Piano'

44. A piano as anchor, threat and movie star

45. A remarkable look at an insecure young woman

46. A sense of history and As happy as Larry

47. A sexual confrontation of he lies, she lies

48. A sour note at the Oscars

49. A spiritual tug of war in the Australian outback

50. A test of love