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1. The screen: 'Ran,' by Akira Kurosawa

2. The screen: 'Eijanaika,' mid-19th-century Japan

5. The Family Game, comedy from Japan

6. The Family Game

8. Screen: a profound Japanese film

9. Screen: Japanese life

10. Screen: From Japan, Onimasa, by Gosha

12. Screen: By Naruse, 'Chrysanthemums'

13. Screen: 'Flowing,' by Mikio Naruse

14. Screen: 'Burial' by Oshima

16. Screen: Oshima's 'Summer sister'

17. Screen: Oshima's 'Ceremony' arrives

18. Screen: Japanese 'Death by hanging'

22. Kurosawa's magical tales of art, time and death

23. Kurosawa's 27th movie, samurai 'Kagemusha'

24. Ikimono no kiroku

25. From Bertolucci, 'The Last Emperor'

28. Film: Sorekara, a social comedy from Japan

29. Film: Saga from Japan

31. Film: Mizoguchi's 'A geisha'

32. Film: Imamura's Narayama ballad

35. Film: 'The most beautiful'

38. Drunken angel

39. An experimental Oshima