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3. "La vie de Bohème" with a Finnish lilt

4. "The visitors" portrays ordeal of a threatened G.I.

5. 'A summer at Grandpa's'

6. 'A woman of Paris' -- a sophisticated treasure

7. 'Ash Wednesday' opens

9. 'Boy Meets Girl,' from Leos Carax

10. 'Butcher of Lyons': 4 decades' perspective

12. 'Daguerreotypes' shown at fete

13. 'Detective,' Godard's homage to film noir

15. 'Godfather, Part II' is hard to define

16. 'Hail Mary,' directed by Jean-Luc Godard

17. 'High hopes' votes no on Thatcher

18. 'I like Liz Taylor, but...'

20. 'Jungle Fever,' Spike Lee's comedy of sorrow

21. 'Kane' at 50 dazzles yet with its high spirits

23. 'La chienne' is story of degradation

25. 'Malcolm X,' as complex as its subject

26. 'Man of marble,' Polish film

27. 'Matador,' a surrealist sex comedy

30. 'Missouri Breaks,' offbeat western

31. 'Nashville,' lively film of many parts

32. 'No Man's Land,' by Alain Tanner

33. 'Nostalghia,' in Italian

34. 'Passion,' essay on art from Jean-Luc Godard

35. 'Peggy Sue Got Married,' by Coppola

36. 'Peggy Sue' visits a changeless past

37. 'September,' Woody Allen's latest

38. 'Sleeper' -- Woody's best yet

41. 'The wild child' raises curtain

42. 'Thieves like us' stays in the memory

43. 'Twilight's last gleaming' : No star

45. 'Vortex' from Scott B and Beth B

46. 'Women in revolt,' madcap soap opera Warhol's

47. 1951 Susana, by Bunuel

48. 1960's counterculture spirit becomes airborne

49. 2 displaced people in love in the South

50. 2 sisters too odd for anyone else